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REYNA STOKEN is fairly new to the world of artists, but has always been an artist. She has always loved to create. She began to crochet at the age of 6, creating her own designs rather than only the patterns given, she continued with many other crafts, then drawing, painting in acrylics, then oils, and so on. But when she picked up her camera she found her true love! She has been working in photography for over 7 years, and during that time has acquired professional instruction and studied instructional media extensively. The most important thing for you to know about Reyna is that this is her passion! She loves the beauty that is everywhere and desires nothing more than to capture it in its most spectacular or revealing moments. Reyna’s tends to focus on color. Sometimes, that there are so many colors in a landscape, and at other times just one color is so mesmerizing that it needs to be isolated as seen in her signature photo, Sun Sprinkled. Her work has been enthusiastically received throughout her community where she displays work in 4 different locations and has been asked to exhibit her photography in a community gallery in July and August of 2012. She travels extensively, always watching for some unique beauty, so you’ll see work from numerous locations. Most of her work, however, consists of landscapes throughout her local area in Sweetwater County, Wyoming where she resides with her husband Jack and their children.